Date: 11-Apr-2013

After telecommunication revolution people are highly migrated towards digital news. In the on going busiest schedule of life electronic devices like desktop, laptop, smart phone, mobile, i-phone, tablets are used more as before to get information and also in each and every field. It is found that looking at their phone is the first work of morning and before go to bed too.

Making phone calls and sending text messages are no longer the only type of activities mobile users perform, after 3G internet to access a whole range of web services they could. The use of mobile is not limited within telecommunication, rather it is the most important part of mass communication and going to fix its place at the pick. People check their smart phones as calls of nature. 40% people conduct their searches on tablet and it is growing than desktops and laptops and 60% people conduct their searches on mobile. More mobile phones are used in the world than desktops and laptops. Every day many are switching to smart phones for its positive experience they get and like. People use mobile search  to find information, news, videos and enjoy mobile shopping. During mobile searching 40% like to choose another result if it is not mobile friendly.

What do people do while searching on mobile...
It is very interesting and funny to know that, what do people do while searching on mobile, are they totally engaged in it or busy in some thing else. When it is about teens and young, they are very close and intimate with mobile searching. They use it maximum and it is not a good practice for teens and students to spend more time in up dating facebook or searching on mobile but they used to do it behind notice of others while watching television, during study hours, before go to bed or when they are involved in a party or having lunch with friends.

If we consider on total users 40% of searches are conducted while watching TV.
It is very common to see people search on mobile when they are in a long journey, on the road to office by cab or bus.  Many like to search while watching a TV show with family but not interested in it. People like to search on mobile to pass their time when they are free or depressed. It is not a good practice but true, people search on mobile during their office period and captured in the lenses of hidden camera. Searching on mobile is just a part of their routine life, who used to practice it.

In case of businessmen  they perform these activities only while journeying.
45% of users aged 18-29 use mobile search daily as a routine work. And it reduces as the age grows. 45% of people who share links via email never use mobile search.
Some religious teachers and social organizations  protest against the use of internet  widely pointing out its disadvantages and negative impacts on society and children. But its world wide popularity waters this tree to grow and some countries like China have imposed  restrictions and causes are very ethical also.

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